Industrial Training [IT] Sony Bangi

5 February 2011


“may i ask a few questions regarding how u apply for the LI at the sony bangi?
i’m interested,but i have no idea how to contact them or whatsoever..
i have done the resume part and so on, but i need to know to whom do i need to send in my resume (particular name) and other particulars..
an address perhaps?”


“1. i applied through my uncle whos working there
2. but you can apply by give ur resume together with ur head letter & other certificates (put them all in an envelope) to the guard house A at the factory gate & the guards will give ur application envelope to the HR staffs..
3. once u applied, surely they will offer u a LI place since they really2 need intern trainees

4. to whom & where, as i said, give the envelope to the guard house A..the address u can find it on the internet (sony emcs bandar baru bangi seksyen 13)
5. on the envelope, write the words “industrial training application” so that the guards would know
6. it is not necessary ur dealing with guards..sometimes the HR staffs like to hang around in the guard house

7. do you live in bangi?..”


SONY EMCS (M) SDN BHD (South Plant),

Lot 5, Jalan Kemajuan,
Kawasan Perindustrian Bangi,
43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor.

RECAP : 1st days at sony..soing some induction programs..


**hey i think i deserve some reward from SONY BANGI..i’m doing them an indirect favors havent i???? >.<‘ **



18 November 2010

hey, i genuinely forgotten to wrap up my IT blog that ended on 25th june 2010 rite?..sooo lazy i tell u lah..haha..but to be precise, i did wrap this up on the homepage in the ‘the day when it came live back’ entry..

what ever it is, all that i can say is that, i had a very successful IT in terms of my happiness doing IT at this department & my final live-in-person face-to-face assessments from my supervisors..

Doing SRAM NG Tuner repair

it gave such impact to me that i really2 wanna to work here when i finished my study in early april 2011..

hm..what more to say?..doing IT at this SOEM Tuner Department, u really can learn stuffs about telecommunication engineering, E&E Engineering, Production Engineering & Mechanical Engineering..


at F1 production line

HC101x dig meas Manual

i felt lucky because i’ve slotted into this dept by the HR..for me that picked to be Tuner Engineering team, i have learnt so much. Not only learn the applications of the engineering stuffs in the industry, but also learn the way of working skills, communication skills, presentation skills, writing skills(now only know how to use excel hahah) & many more..

Me being the KAIZEN Program Leader

it is true that doing IT at SOEM bangi will make the students be like a servant to their supervisors & permanent staffs, but the new things that can be learn are more valueble than allowence somemore(up until RM1.5k dawg!!!!)..

messy3 with those equipments

so, hopefully my attempt to get back into this department next year will be successful. if yes, i’m gonna be a Tuner Engineer..haha..

final day at tuner dept

if you asking me about other departments, i dont know much..but what i’de heard from others, they didnt get much new things to learn..more wondering around..but still enjoyable & fun..thats all..

To wrap up this page, my advice to anyone that’ll taking IT, choose your company wisely, learn as much as you can during this period, & perform well in front of the department superiors, not those lowly workers..hehe..



24 April 2010

today is saturday..yesterday is friday & my dept having schedule shut i’m having 3 days

but the only disadvantage is, the more you having day off work, the more your allowance/salary decreased..demmm T_T..

so i’m not sure whether my allowance will reaches 1k or not..i started the IT on usual the pays is on end of months..

for sony, 29th day of each month..& until now i never do the shifts on weekend..++ the 1st 3 days i just do the normal shifts..

so now..just wait..hopefully it’ll go at least 1k..too many things that i plan involving RM..hehehe

&& smpai skang aku still takut2 sket nak masukkan gmbar aku kt line production tu dlm blog mane bg..line production ni kire2nye rahsie company..xblh bwk kuar..kalo deorg tau,kne kad kuning..hahahaha..

so paham2 je la knape aku xmasukkan gmbar2 aku kt dlm ni orait..bukan sengaje pon..hehhe..


21 April 2010

So what things that i’ve done??..things that an Communication Engineer Trainee is doing..

1. Sent Log File to HQ (Sony Japan) everyday

2. Study the jig construction/wiring for all stations

3. Study the Production Standard that set by the HQ

4. Know how the software of each station communicates with the jig & the power supply.

5. Helped Abg Naza (one of Group 1 engineer) doing the F-Conn Loose Tests.

6. Doing disposing job for all the NG tuners

7. Doing the defected/NG tuner report that need to be send to HQ & the supplier (PQA request)

8. Study the Tuner Defect/NG Analysis [This one is under Kak Zaty(1 of the G1 Engineer) supervision.]

9. Study the Production Standard that prepared by HQ.

10. Joint Engineering Group 2/Production Engineering doing their works

11. Helped my supervisor (Mr Wee yg sempoi) tracing the equipments of the Central Signal.

12. Update the log book everyday.

13. Having Group 1 & Group 2 meeting everyday to exchange informations.

14. Maintain focused towards the VISION 1.2K!!!heheeheh..

&for future works, it’ll be to continue enhancing my knowledge about the NG tuner analysis & doing the QCPCC (quality control process control chart) for the new tuner model (TJ211Z @ BDRE) by referring the Production Standard(this one also I need to study more deeper about it) set by the HQ..

….more to follow in usual..hehehehhee…


16 April 2010

so its been 2 interesting weeks la jugak..I’m still doing the 12hours shift..I can do the normal shift(8am-530pm) but opted to do the that i can get 1.2k per month..& i can get more input..& keep my fellow trainees accomponied..hahaha..

hm nak ckp ape lg?hm..senior trainees dah xde dah mggu depan.ssh jugk kalo deorg xde ni.selalunye deorg la yg ngajar ktorg bdk2 baru ni..ktorg pn asek tnye deorg je.nk tnye kt abg2 engrs & techs, malu plak..hehehhe..

& supervisor aku, Mr. Wee..die seorg engr yg sgt sporting..aku selese bekeje bwh sygnye die nak benti keje sbb dpt keje lain yg gaji lg best..ala Mr Wee spe nak jge sye psni?kak zaty & abg naza xbest laaa..huhuhuuhh..

& time ni jugak la baru aku dpt merase bekeje under bos..bos aku plak ade bos bos die tu,super bos aku..super bos aku tu plak,ade bos aku ade mega bos..bos..super bos..mega bos..

xpnh lg merase keje under bos, tibe time IT ni bekeje under awal2 ni still dlm process penyesuaian laa & aku rase aku xde masalah ngn bende ni..hehe..deorg pn jnis, best laa..

baru aku tau yg aku ni jnis blh menurut ape jenis perintah pn..asalkan care pemerintah bg perintah tu,elok budi pekerti..maksudnye berhemah laa…heheheh..kalo mcm ade sorang bos kwn aku tu,pehh die pnye gaye,mmg aku xsuke..noktah..

ktorg techs, trainees, operators..time boss xde la time nak main2 n joli2..siang td,bos2 ktrog tgh mmg lepak2 je la..sempat la bgambar..hahahaa..


seronok bos2 ktorg tgh meeting!!

mmg pengalaman yg best laa masuk sony ni..dgn prospek dpt jd ribuwan lgkan..hahaa..yg buat xbest2 sket just kne masuk shift 12jam kne tahan yg 12jam je la..

sebenarnye trainee ni kene keje ikut time boss masing2..mcm aku,boss aku Mr Wee..Mr Wee just keje 8am-530pm,supposely aku just keje ikut time Mr Wee aku nak jugak masuk keje 615am-615pm..dpt buat OT & blh buat extra prep (revise blk study..update log book..tlg2 trainees lain..)…sendrik carik masalah kan aku ni haha..

mcm kwn2 aku yg lain..bos2 deorg main2 ngn shif 12jam..mmg deorg xde plihan lain la keje ikut time bos..hehehe..kirenye aku ni lucky jugak la if u got what i mean..hehehe…

so jumpe lg mggu depan iyek..hehe..


14 April 2010

Jom sembang2kan bende2 yg lg technical psl keje aku kt sini orait..

Jadinye aku ni mmg bekeje mmg mcm engineer trainee laa..nak lagi spesifik utk department aku tu..server & tuner engineer trainee..server & tuner engineer ni keje die constantly contact directly with the HQ staffs in Japan using their own server..

1 thing that i never thought of is that all the tuners models..are not designed by us (malaysian)..we’re just the produscers..the designers are all in japan HQ..those samurais yg design the tuner..hehehe..kite kt mlesia ni just design line production aje(but still gempak!!ingt senang ke nak design line???)..

so server engineer mcm jd org tgh laa utk engr kt jepun & field/production engr kt line production kt dept ni..server engrs dpt input dr engr jepun & kasik inputs ni kt field/production engrs..&& production engr kasik respon kt server engr utk server engr bg infos back to HQ in japan..

mcm aku under Mr Wee tu..aku xkan buat keje2 die sbb sape le aku ni kan?just a die ajar dlu aku JIG consruction utk sume stations (UV tracking, IFoto, Dig. Sat. & Terr., Pic. Test)..N then skang2 ni die mintak aku tau2 how the software of each station  communicates with the JIG & the power supply..means that aku kene tau software ape yg digunekan jgak (buat mase skang aku xpyh belajar lg psl software tu)..

kirenye I am not dealing directly ngn JIG if there got any aku x buat sume2 yg Mr Wee mintak tu skali gus..aku still join kwn2 aku yg lain masuk line n tgk2kan JIG tu..repairing any minor breakdowns..if got major breakdown, kene bgtau tau n mintak tlg kt senior trainees @ techs @ engrs…

ssh nak nak elaboratekan sume dlm blog ni..terlalu technical..& gambar2 line production pn aku takut nak masukkan dlm ni sbb setahu aku design line production tu must be treated as company secrete..ntah la..aku tnye senior aku, die ckp blh

all these are just for test & playing tools..

ok ni je kot stakat ni..jumpe lg next update..


8 April 2010

Okay tomorrow is Friday so its been 5 days already i’m doing this IT..many new stuffs that i have leared & i’m sure plenty more to come..

So i am placed in the TUNER DEPARTMENT..Basically this dept is the dept that produces Tuners..Tuners that placed in the the moment, this dept just producing the tuners for Japan TV models..

As for my specific job, I have been assigned by my HOD to be a mentee for a senior trainee. So i must get to know all the engineering stuffs that involve it the production line..

The senior trainee will be finish his IT period in next i must to learn from him all the jobs that he’s doing & master it before he leaves..

Not enough of that, the HOD expecting more from me & from my colleagues as well..guess just need to tough it out also right? What else we can do? hehehe..

So this is the list that is currently under my job scope until today..

1. know/revise all the JIGs construction

2. know how to do simple repairing works

3. learn everything that my senior trainee knows (THIS IS ALOTTT!!!  +__+)

about the working time..currently i’m doing 6.15am to 6.15pm work shift..yesss..sounds tough right? It is’s all about..the OT salary…hahahaha..i’m trying to get rm1.2k per month..pray for me that i got all the strength that needed in doing this..

ps – i dont know if the dept allow trainees to take photos of the dept production lines & its surroundings since all of it is considered secrete of the company/dept.


5 April 2010

aha..dah start jugak LI yg di gembar-gemburkan tu ye x? mcm biase la..disuruhkan ktorg dtg pkol 8am, pkol 830am baru start proceedings..

Utk 1st day ni,xbyk yg kene buat2.just duduk2 buang mase dlm waiting room tu for several good hours lepas isi agreement..time rehat, trainees g mkn kt cafe..da ptg sket,ktorg devided into departments accordingly..

& ape yg bestnye, ramai kwn2 UNITEN who generates professionals buat sekali LI kt sony ni hehehe..rasenye ade la dlm 15 org kot??so xrase terlalu alien la kt situ dgn adenye kawan2 la..

& lagi bestnye..dress codes situ mmg sempoi..BEBAS + wajib pakai kasut & vest yg sony provided kan tu..hehehe..

Sygnye x dpt nak snap pic sbb malas haha..kwn2 uniten pmpn yg 3 org tu,haa deorg ade la snap pics..hahaha..xabes ngn posing muncung2 deorg tuh!!!

Jd nak wrap up aktiviti ini hari, kene la bubuh dlm point form kannn..

1. isi borang agreement

2. claim vest & kasut

3. buat ID (No ID : 701106)

4. jumpe HOD

Ituje lah esok plak, still ade induction programs..jadi rasenye luse baru start dgn bekerje kat department masing..



20 March 2010

well..I am not sure about what I felt about the place that i’m going to do this is my primary target yeah i’m so greatful..but I’ve heard from several guys saying that doing IT at sony bangi is not as easy as you think make things systematic..let me put it in point forms..hahaha..

1 – the factory is 24/7/ 2 every day, for a shift, must have to work up to means 8hours normal working hours + 3hours 2 3 days then its ok..but every day…???..hmmm..

2 – about the over time rate..I really hope that the rate will going to be as same as the staff least same as a permanent technician rate laaa..RM6++/hour..if it is so,then okay..if same as engineer’s, it is superb!!(after all, the name it self is ‘engineer trainee’ hehehe )..12jam tiap hari pn xpelah!

3 – then about the it going to working days too(so much for the 24/7/365 hehehe)?So i asked my friend that for once, working there for 3 months..she said, usually 2 weekends in a month..hmm..wonder how often in a month during my 3months stint at there..

So thats about what i felt about this particular thing..guess i need to be ready mentally more than physically right??..just need to tough it out..& continue doing amateur research about sony emcs bangi from my friends..HAhahahha..


9 March 2010

So, any of my entries about my IT progress, I will post it in here..

IT placement : SONY EMCS (M) Sdn. Bhd. (located at BBBangi)

Duration : 3 Months (5 April 2010 – 25 June 2010)

Basic Allowance : RM500 (excluding OT!!! ^_^)

Department : Tuner

    • Nor Fadhilah says:

      huhuhu….thanx….dah nak dekat LI dah ni…rasa takut plak…sbb xda kawan yg dapat tmpt yg sama…huhu….etika pemakaian cmne erk??firstday slalunya buat aper??

    • Nor Fadhilah says:

      eeiii….takutnyaaa….slalunyaa firstday die ajar x??..sbb course photonic nii..xda kaitan ngan electrnic….cme kat u under school microelectronic….(dlm school ni da course microelectronic, electronic, photonic)….klu subjek teras school tu da gak la blajar subjek2 electronic tu…huhuhu….klu salah supervisor marah x??huhu

      • madfeekree says:

        dpt masuk department ape?..sure ok2 pnyelah nnt..brape bulan intern? appointed time da masuk sne nnt.trime je lah seadenye..biase la tu baru masuk mmg belajarlah slow2..lpas sebulan mesti master pnye lah..
        vest id kasut sume HR provide..yg2 lain pakai lah ikut suke hati..

    • arai says:

      samelah dengan sy…LI kat sony.. but department IT

    • ain says:

      oit fiq..ko kje sony gak rupenye eh~

  1. Nor Fadhilah says:

    Saya stdnt Photonic Engineering di Universiti Malaysia Perlis…n dapat LI di SONY dlm 3 mei-22 Ogos….bahagian device production…ermmm…bg yg dah berpengalaman bley citer skit x scope keje kat dept ni??

    • madfeekree says:

      alamak xsure,rasenye device production tu ikut lah depatment ape yg dpt..dept DVD ke..dept TV ke..dept tuner ke..dept Qi ke..etc..
      nak crite psl2 detailed scope utk sume dept,rsenye xreti sgt la kot..kalo dept yg sye msuk aritu, tuner, tu tau lah..
      tp generally, kalo masuk prod, mesti keje shift 12jam sehari..mmg bile dpt slip gaji 1.2k tu rase berbaloi la..ade kwn yg smpai 1.8k wo..gile3..
      n LI kt sony bangi ni,mmg kne buat keje2 yg remeh bende baru yg kite belajar pon byk jugak..
      so enjoy je lah ye..

  2. aa says:

    utk internship,
    kalo keje 8-530 bape rate?
    kalo 12 jam baru 1.2K kan?
    if 1.8K tu camane dpt?
    OT pe sume nye rate?
    tq bro

    • madfeekree says:

      kalo 8-530 tu, tu normal hours, so xde ot, kalo xde ot, dpt basic je, basic = rm500 je..
      kalo stret 12jam tiap ari, smpai lah 1.2k kalo die buat shift C1 & C2 selang tiap mggu..
      kalo 1.8k, bdk2 ni keje 12jam C1+C2 & cmpo keje time ari sbtu,ahad,public holidays..
      kalo buat C1 je, takat 900++ je cm aku ni..

  3. synruz says:

    bro,ak ni student sains & pengurusan sistem (IT)..ape skop dlm bidang IT yg dpt kite blajar dr SONY??ak ni byk bljar pasal databse n business…rase2nye lau ak apply dpt x?

    • madfeekree says:

      hahaha kalo da IT tu aku mmg xtau ape2 laa sbb sume yg aku sembangkan dlm bende sume engrg..
      tp ade je dept IT kt dalam sony..xtau laa smede dept it tu amek trainee ke x..
      kalo ko apply,kalo xdpt kt dept it tu,
      mybe ko masuk dept yg bukan engrg @ plg sikit engrg laa kot..
      @ pon xdpt lgsg..
      kalo ko nak masuk bulan 4 ni,aku rse xblh da kot sbb da full

  4. Nor Fadhilah says:

    dlm surat confermation…die bgtaw device production department…x fixed kan lg..subdeparment pe2…..LI 3 bulan…..sabtu ahad pon kne keje ker??..(hehehe..blum pape dah tanya pasal cuti…)

    • madfeekree says:

      dvice prod?ntah la xtau dept tu.nnt start induction tau la tu..
      cuti ikut dept.kalo dept prod,mmg sng nak keje weekend.ok la tu sumenye berbayar..
      org dpt beribu2 xkan kite hepi2 ngn 500 je kan

  5. mjb says:

    slm bro..
    i’ll be doin my internship in sony this pure electrical background..
    the thing is..they put me in software division..TVEG/SQA..
    any idea bout TVEG/SQA..???

    • madfeekree says:

      even it is software division, it is totally related with e&e engrg..
      just more focusing on software related stuff..
      u will get to know new tv models that is not entered the market yet..
      so its cool..
      & it is on north plant..

      recently i managed to get a permanent post in tveg also..
      QA dept – Reliability..
      quite often lurking around at software group..
      all groups have their own responsibilities & are all connected..
      so feel free to learn as much as you can alright..

  6. mjb says:

    orait..thx 4 d info.. not that gud in software especially programming..hahaaa…
    any tips 4 me..?? i tot of getting my self prepared b4 my intern..
    tp xtaw ape nk blaja..any suggestion..??

    • madfeekree says:

      its okay..everthing can be learn..all of us are as good as 0 when the 1st time we get into the work station..
      definitely will got a mentor thatll teach you all the needs..
      dont worry lah ye..

      suggestion??hehe..xtau lah nak suggest ape sbb xtau deorg pakai program ape utk producekan software tu..
      labview kot?ntah la..ce g tnye kwn2 software engineering..

      software ni maksudnye, yg menu selections kt tv tu..mcm astro..
      tekan menu leh pilih itu ini..tekan red button nak g features tu..
      so kt tv sony ade software die sendri..mmg cool..
      & software group la yg producekan software dlm tv tu..
      cmtu la kire2nye..

  7. mjb says:

    owh..camtu..klu pkai labview software i taw la sket2..hehee..
    thax again 4 d info..hope 2 learn more from u..

    • madfeekree says:

      labview more on to data acquisition & GUI kan?..xsure lah cmne2..
      nnt dah masuk tveg nnt n belajar software sume tu, u bgtau i eh cmne2..haha..
      n do tegur2 me if nmpak kt sane nnt ikikkikik 🙂

  8. mjb says: ive never heard bout GUI..
    oraitt..i’ll greet u if i saw u around.. da ad geng da ni..heheee..

  9. Nor Fadhilah says:

    dah 2 mggu LI….kat north…best…^^…hehehe….yg paling klakar masa mula2 masuk keje,,,pg2 kne excercise…hehehe…

    • madfeekree says:

      ooo yeke..dept tveg ke video? mst video ni dah kne eksesais..tveg xpyh eksesaisssss ponnnn hahaha

  10. Nor Fadhilah says:

    ermmm…video…hahahaha….yg dok bahagian atas bangunan…..board bizz tuuu…

  11. saiful says:

    aq mekanikal engrng..blh apply ker paktikal kat sony..?
    kalau blh..dye akan letak bhgn mane..?

  12. kht says:

    Assalamualaikum bro, alhamdulillah dapat tempat dkeat sony bangi. DTS? Department tu kerja macam mana?

  13. telagaputih says:

    Assalamualaikum… nak tanya, sony emcs bangi tu punya laman web rasmi sama ea ngn tu? sbb saya ada intvw 4 scholar sony sabtu ni.. nak crik info sket psl sony emcs, tp xjumpa.. y kuar… sama ea???

  14. NUR says:

    Salam..Abg sory to asking u stupid question..but i’m not ‘org Bangi’ jadi kn jgk tanya alang2 dah terjumpa blog ni..hehe this feb i’ll do intern at Sony Bangi, n now still looking information about room for rent..Jadi just mnta pndangan abg pasal ni..penmpatan cthnya seksyen apa yg dekat ngn sony .. Syukran..

    • madfeekree says:

      haha abg ye?hahaha..quite awkward derr…abg pon abg lah..
      btw adik ni laki ke pompuan?haha..
      anyways yg dekat dgn sony bangi, seksen 3,7,8,9,15..
      interns selalu amek kt seksen 15..
      try search kt dlm

      if u got a good n fun dept, then ur internship will be satisfying..
      happy intern at sony okay..

  15. NUR says:

    pmpn huhu..ok syukran for the info 😉

  16. kht says:

    NUR: Sudah dpt bilik sewa? If belum, sya ada juga kawan ppuan yang buat internship, who knows they still looking for penyewa. Anyway, lemme get back to you on monday ok?

  17. NUR says:

    yeyy..;) tQ.. Still mencari2 dan tercari2 lagi bilik utk disewa. This is my FB Email . . Syukran..

  18. Anis says:

    salam bro. sy just dapat offer buat intern dekat sony bangi under Design Tech Solution Department. Puan yg call sy tu ckp it’s R&D field. Do you know anything bout DTS? Tadi cam terkejut so blank tak tanye byk. Haha 😀

    • madfeekree says:

      DTS falls under TV Design TV Design sector ni banyak divisions..all are directly involve ngn designing sony bravia..
      dts = design technical solutions…means all the technical design of the, harness, tape, etc..which is cool
      & u’ll definitely will learn much about TV..

  19. kht says:

    Anis: when will you joining DTS? Got bunch of friends there. 🙂

    • Anis says:

      kht : this june. im all excited. hihii.perhaps i can make friends with a lot of ppl. :))

      • hafiztang says:

        Phewww! thats quite a time! Anyway, that’s a good place to work & you can learn much there.

  20. denden says:

    Salam bro, nak tanye skit pasal OT kat sony ni…aku baru start LI kat sony duk kat department PDE…kalau OT untuk trainee ni camne ye? mase induction diorg explain pasal payroll ni tapi x berapa fhm sgt…so let’s say kalau normal day aku keje OT…biasanye keje flexi kluar kul 5.30 kan…kalau aku OT sampai kul 10 mlm kire camne ek? OT biasanye start 6.10 ke kalau after hours? pastu camne nk kire OT tu ngan elaun? brape die kire? if OT hari sabtu lak camne…let’s say clock in hari sabtu kul 8.20 pagi pastu clock out kul 5.30 petang…aku tnye staff diorg kate kalau OT 9 jam hari sabtu, die akan kire minus 1 jam from 9 hours tu…so OT aku akan dikira 8 jam…btul ke? and ape rate OT untuk hari sabtu?

  21. Anis says:

    salam. nak tanya, skrg ni tgh cari rumah sewa so ade tak sesape penah sewa rumah area2 bangi or sony? any recommendation?

  22. kamal says:

    salam, nk tanya dept. product design 2, macam mana bende nya kn buat??

    • madfeekree says:

      deorg yg design sony tv bravia..either mmg design sendri or apply ape yg hq jepun design..
      mmg interesting n bertuah..

  23. ayu says:

    sy dpt intrview klg sony yg short listed..sec round la kirenye..ade test n intrview.biase test ape ye??sy dpt offer ITC dep…plezzz help me ^_^

    • madfeekree says:

      test bodo2 je.. je..
      itc?means production la ni?ok la tu blh OT byk2..pakcik kayo..

  24. ayue says:

    salam madfeekree..

    nk tnye..still kat tuner dept ke?
    got interview this coming tuesday..
    any advise for the test or interview?
    really need ur help..
    thnks =)

    • madfeekree says:

      wslm ayue..
      nope..its been ages since my tuner dept time-out..
      now im at tveg..
      for the intrvw, cannot help u much..
      its all depends on the intervwers..
      they would be from the tuner dept itself..

      • ayue says: meh?
        its ok..done it already..
        got to 2nd stage also..
        tp xtau la de luck ke x kn..
        thanks anyway =)

  25. saiful says:

    macam mana nak aply li kat sony ea?
    aku call x dapat pun. email dia pun x de.

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