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1. Broad Shoulders – “not only do big shoulders makes you look strong but the wider you are up top, the thinner you appear at the  waist, creating that V-shape that drives her wild

broad sound kan?.."broaaad swoord~"

2. Stubble – “super smooth faces ranked last for masculinity and maturity and second to last in attractiveness” (stubble tu maksudnye misai @ janggut yg tumbuh ala2 hidup segan, mati xmau laaa kirenyeeee..)

my hot stubble upon my hot chin =))

3. Strong Arms – “muscular men are more attractive to woman than overweight and skinnyguys..your forearms are the most visible muscles, so target them with reverse barbell curls”

on arms got implan-ed-boobs also???

4. Smile – “4k women found they fin a man’s smile the most irresistible thing about him….& one more thing, when you smile at her, look into her eyes, not at her chest

smile is donation!


**simplified article that picked in Men’s Fitness magazine 🙂


nota uterus : entry ni justifies that pompuan pon sebenarnye as pervy as question ask lgsg psl fakta ni..


Pure abnormalities!!!

Posted: 07/02/2011 in Hot Stufs!!

you know what is pure abnormalities? is like below graphs of views versus dates!!!

wooo woooo~

how lah?

its quite an achievement since Sharing Is Loving is just a personal kind of blog & not like other general’m left puzzle..

puzzled like this puzzled-but-dont-care Homer

so whats next?..of course continue as topic to share, post it on Home page..want to type off my personal life, do it in My E-Diary page..want to look at some pics, got it in The Way I Looked..facts about me, in the Who’s Ahmad Fikry Faiz..cheers.. concerns..

nota testicles : really like the simpsons movie..really funny i tell you lah..

1. terase nak bkongsi plak kan pasal2 buat2 badan ni..kot sape yg nak amek port, amek, cmne nak buat badan atopon workout without berabes beratus RM kt gym & trainer..

2.  so care yg aku rase plg sng, beli dumbell sepasang & doorbar..pekejekan 2 apparatus tu, dlm mase bape tahun naek la otot2 yg best..haha..bertahun ke?..2 3 bulan pon da boleh naik tu..ASALKAN KONSISTEN

u get a pair of this & u'll go taylor lautner!!!

3. da dptkan dumbell..utk starter beli g 5kg pnye..sepasang..haa mainlah bende tu..mcm2 skill bleh buat..1 skill, 20 reps..buat 2 skill back to back..pehtu rehat jap..pehtu buat 2 skill yg lain..cmtu2 lah..selingkan skali ngn push ups, sit ups

4. lain skill, means lain la parts kan bdn yg affected kan..ade yg utk biseps..ade utk triseps..ade utk kepak bwh ketiak tu..utk kepak atas bahu pn yang pastinye ngn main dumbell, surely bahu kite ni jadi besar laa kan..

5. yg pstinye jugak, main dumbell xkan shaping 6 packs laa kan..xkan working out kt tgn n bahu, tp abs plak yg affected kan?nak workout utk 6 packed abs, tgk je la kt utube tu n try sendrik..

6. bile start main 1st time tu, mesti muscles cramping pnye laa..mainly sakit kt dade, bahu & bisep kne la rehat 4 5 hari dlu.lpas da ok blk baru sambung blk..

7. kalo bile smpai rase tahap dumbell 5kg xbg efek dah, switch plak main doorbar..doorbar mmg lagi susah laa n less skills blh fungsi die nak mendesak otot2 tu trus membengkak mmg mujarab laa..& plak bleh buat sit up gune doorbar tu sekali ngn working out lengan..

8. bile da stop workout sebulan due, nak start blk, start slowly la kan..tgn da xsekuat sebulan lepas nak start where it been left..

9. so ape yg aku pointedkan kt dlm ni hanyelah dr pengalaman aku semate2..mybe kalo ade supplements mcm susu protein tu ke mybe k jugak aku xpnh la try mkn susu tu..kot ade spe2 yg tau2 lg psl bende ni meh la sharekn skali kt sini orait..

10. utk aku, aku mmg tgh mengerjekan doorbar tu..& lepas ni aku nak cari dumbell 7kg sepasang..hehe..mmg diperakui laa workout mmg salah satu minat aku..bile tgk2 bdn tegang lpas workout & lepas mandi, rase berbaloi laa kahkahkah (saya straight, saya okay)..

u get this one & u'll go taylor lautner too..just like me hahaha..

11. tapi kalo dpt shaping smpai boleh jadi MODEL SPENDER ok la tu ye dak? part time model spender..buat part time..side income yang kne shave sume la bulu2 kt kaki ni kan?..kahkahkah..


nota testis : hehe..bernas..bernas..model spender..renoma la..glamour sket..

yeah..this entry is pretty much about like the title..what is it with white/fair chicks & big-glorious boobs?

sbb kalo korang byk memerhati..jadi observant (kahkahkah laki mane yg unobservant kan..)…pmpn2 yg berkulit cerah n putih ni selalunye memiliki titties yg above average..kan?..sape2 yg xterpikir lagi, cepat buat kalkulasi anda & sila mengiyakan fakta ini..

kan?..ape lah badi yg tuhan kasik..ade je yg xberkulit cerah pn yg bosar.ade je..tapi sgt sng nak jumpe “ooo yess die ni putih n big boob-ed”..peratus ‘die-putih-&-die-ade-tetek-besar’ above 80% laaa..hahahaha..

so aku ade hipotesis..berbunyi begini..“the fair-er the girl is, the bigger her boobies get”…kan?..

jadi..sile jadi lg i do get difficulties tang nak pilih gmbar mane nak buh dlm ni..ade je kt dlm pemacu keras aku ni..hmmm okay pemacu keras (…hard disk lah!!) xkan plak kan nak masuk dlm ni..kantol aaaaa aku..haha..

smpai cmtu sekali?

ke sume ni just awang2an aku je sbb terlalu ehem2 ngn ciptaan tuhan itu????..balanced je sume yg kecik n besar yg melekat ngn yg putih n gelap???hmmmm..

...& they feel proud of their crown jewel..pfftt pfftt!!

nota bulu kening : hahahaha..pervy bukan? namenye open diskusi..xde mslah..

2010 in review :)

Posted: 02/01/2011 in About Me, Hot Stufs!!

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

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Hantu is Jin is Syaiton nirrojim!!! June 2009

well if you have been alert in the FB, you knew that the current AFF SUZUKI CUP page ( that admined by indonesian, was filled with curses & curses by the indons to anthem..people..everything..

& of course some malaysian responded to them is many foul as the funny as smart as it can you like..

including me, i was also joining the forces of defending malaysia..just the matter of defending malaysia..its the indons who started it..

i know that we shouldnt done that..but its too annoying reading all those words..but after a while, i’m get use to it & felt its not worth fighting around with all thise indons..we malaysians are better than the barbaric indons in the page..

so as the cursing commence, there’s a fella msg my inbox because he got mad because i said to him “the worst english that i ever gone by”…hahahaha..


this is only a partial of it guys..he msged me 2 times before i actually replied you can see, he’s just pointlessly cursing me..while me arguing with him things that relevant..that can be open-discussion-ed..

its difficult to deal with this kind of guy right..hahahahaha..

so can you suggest me what i’m going to do after he replied me back?..ignore him?or what?..

but the things that i can say about all this mess..

1. indons are so sensitive even with minor stuffs

2. majority on the indons dont know english

3. they dont have much respect foreigners esp malaysian

4. but some of them do..really2 some of them

5. they dont refer themselves as indon..its indo

6. indons really2 like to curse around

7. they dont want to make peace with malaysian no matter how i tried

8. this is the only place that you can find all the political differences amongst malaysian are neglected & we’re united as one!!..such beautiful phenomenon..

hm..its pity all this happened..its all because of the “culture stealling” thing or they just dont like us?..

why just we respecting each other & confess our mistake..hmm..pity3….


nota serumpum bulu : if there’s any indonesian reading this, so sorry if i’ve made u mad..its not my intension..

nota sebatang kayu : semoge berjaye team bolasipak malaysia..pakai jersi biru okey..jgn kuning..

Beginilah Nasib

Posted: 18/12/2010 in About Me, Hot Stufs!!

Beginilah nasib,
Diriku yang malang,
Oh tuhan..
Tak boleh bersenang lenang…….

Berehat sekejap,
Isteri dah meradang,
kerja berat takut reput tulang

Tidaklah boleh,
Ku kenang lah kenang,
Oh air lah mata jatuh lah berlenang……

Karam di laut,
Dapatku renang,
Karam di hati,
Nak bayar hutang…..

Beginilah nasib,
Diriku yang malang,
oh tuhan..
Tak bolah bersenang lenang……

Berehat sekejap,
Isteri dah meradang,
Kerja berat takut takut reput tulang….
Reput tulang….


aku suke nyanyi lagu keeps me entertained time aku sedih ngenangkan nasib..



nota testicles : perhaps aku kne admit yg pemanduan aku is risky of an accident..

nota rectum : aku lbih rasekan kebolehan kerete kancil aku tu yg let me down..