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10,000 ALREADY!!!

Posted: 23/07/2011 in About Me, Hot Stufs!!

Whoaaa…Sharing Is Loving already received 10,000 entry views..excluding those who just viewed through the homepage!!..for a personal blog that not as big as BLOG SERIUS, CHE DET, etc, this is totally cool..

ohohoho..i still remember when i was initiated to make up this blog in 2009 (alert to sum1 lah kann) as with my thoughts about stuffs also are so Sharing Is Loving becomes handy ‘device’ to me lah..

hm up until now, the entries that keep getting viewed are ‘4 Things She Cannot Resist’, ‘badi apee laa yg ade kat whte chicks & big boobs deorg tu?’, ‘Industrial Training (IT) Sony Bangi’, ‘Can stand traffic jam..but cant stand the people in the traffic jam’ & 2 @ 3 others entries..

so..the long term plan make entries that are as attractive as possible lah kan..attractive enough until so many viewers viewing this blog, until any company wanna rent my page space to do their advertisement..hence making me making eaaasy money..just like obefeind..


The BPL so-called big-four teams (or perhaps the Lowerpool can be left out already because of their noobness & replaced by City HAHA), was eventually done/ will do their malaysia tour..oh yes MANUTD also came here already in most simple but commanding way..

for arsenal, liverpool and chelsea, tediously, came all the way across the globe with the entire squad..but ManUtd, 2 preseason ago just came here, just bring the BPL cup to the fans plus with a player..retired player, to be precise..

to me that action by manutd is so clever..they dont want to felt left out, but, they just came, they got the champions matter..just bring up the cup to malaysia!!


no tediousness..just act like a commanding-true-champions & let the lowly subjects do the hard work..ahaha..

but, to view it as a neutral, it would be enormous if ManUtd also came down here..a history will be created where ManUtd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool all preseason-ed in Malaysia..would that be a sight?


1. Television/TV..wanna watch ASTRO, it wont be so if got no TV rite?haha..lil’ kid also know lah this one..but lets get more technical about actually TV works?

2. Firstly, of course in Malaysia, we’re using rated voltage of 110~240V..let say if you smuggle the TV  into japan, we still can use the TV but it’ll make the tv operates not as efficient it shoul be & may cause long term bad effect..because japan rated voltage is 100V..+, u’ll not getting any terrestrial signal/channel because the tv tuner is different.

3. As for the TV it self, generally, TV worked by several electrical & electronics boards that situated at the back of the TV..but the 2 most important boards is the Power Board & Main Board..other boards are like the boards to controls the LCD/LED panel..

4. Power Board : Manages power distribution for the whole TV to from 240V supply, the board convert/transform the voltage : power board supplies 3.3V to the main board to operates; Power board supplies 12V regulator for backlight & speaker..

LED TV Power Board aka the muscle

5. Main Board : This is where the CPU of the TV located..the tuner/antenna also located the main board do all the processing job & ‘pass’ away the needed ‘information’ to the speaker, to the LCD/LED boards..& it also receives signals/information from external devices (HDMI, Composite, Component, LAN, USB)

The CPU aka the brain

6. Other Boards : Don’t know about other names, but the boards that works the panel, I usually referring it as the Inverter (only for LCD TV), T-Con, H-Board, Source these three boards actually control the panel operation..this & that..Hex data..bla bla bla..Gate Timing..bla bla bla..CMOS..bla bla bla..until the picture appears properly..HAHAHA..

7. When all of the boards clicking together, the TV will operate as usual..usually, all the problem comes from, when the Power Board is damaged..rarely the damage comes from Main Board..its all depending on how your local powergrid line quality..if ur at india, oh boy form what i’ve heard, powerline at there is so suck until it can damage the power board (but if the tv’s using powerfull BlockCap, then its ok)..

8. In other words, if your TV’s gone damage, most probably because of the defected parts at power board..if u smell a burning smell, the block capacitor are totally damaged..others, must do some engineeric evaluation (LOL) to pin pointing where the damage is..maybe the power IC damaged..or the fuse broken..power MOSFET got shorted..Bridge IC opened..etc..

9. Now, the FAQ is, what’s the difference between LCD & LED TV?..simple..LCD TVs are thicker..LEDs are’s because LCD TV’s using CCFL (fluorecent lamp) backlight, so it’s going to be thick..while LED TV’s using LED as their backlight (LEDs are so small,so,slimmer)..other differences, LCDs arehotter while LEDs are cooler..LCDs power consumption are more than the LED..LCD cheaper then LED..

10. What’s backlight?it is the light that lights up the if the panel emits the colored picture, we wont see it clearly unless the backlight lights up..

11. This is the fact, LED TV picture is not sharper/beautiful-er/brighter than LCD TV..picture wise, both have the same performances.It’s all depending on the CPU performances processing the picture quality (plus other things laa of course).

12. So u decide ur self, wanna buy expensive TV (LED) & save money on the long run @ wanna buy cheaper TV (LCD) & then gonna affecting ur electricity bills dearly..



13. Judging the TV brands are good or not by comparing TVs which having same specs; which is the resolution+motion flow..resolution is the 360p/1080p/WXGA/Full HD thingy..motion flow is the panel picture motion frequency..standard motion flow today is 60Hz..up to this date, all brands got the max motion flow of 800Hz..except for SONY BRAVIA; 940Hz with the help of X-realityPro..imba enough?..all hail SONY BRAVIA!!!

14. what TV brand that recommended to buy? this one is so subjective..but if u’re asking me, i’d buy Samsung Smart TV because of it’s nice external shape, cool Remote Control, & cool menu display

15. but in terms of quality, SONY BRAVIA are the best there other words, if i buy this beautiful Samsung TV, i will hate it…if i buy this dull-looking SONY BRAVIA, i’ll love it..can ah like that?

Possessing BRAVIA HX925 + HotGirl = ahead of the game

in case if got any of my officemates reading this, don’t do any shit talking to me aaahh in office..later i’ll slap you dick head.. :p

i tot i was d only one....damn it i tot i was.......(pronounced in indian accent)

Fuuuuuuuu!!!!…how can????..i tot im d only 1 in d world that using SHARING IS LOVING..but just now, googled, and got another fella use the same tag loine…& yessss..that fella is a MALAY..kahkahkah..

pfftt pfftt!

& by the looks of is not active anymore..pity2..u make a blog, make sure it is functioning la malay..

then only can hoping that ur blog is top 300 sites in malaysia..just like blogserius by obefiend..kahkahkah..


nota pankreas : tgh buat FYP ni, lepak dlu apdet blog with a simple entry like dis 1 🙂

nota uterus : & yess..yg typo error ‘loine tu adelah practical, lawak x?

Luar VS Dalam

Posted: 10/03/2011 in About Me, Hot Stufs!!

ni bukan entry pasal2 spender VS seluar @ coli VS baju k…

so students uniten skang tgh kalut ngn ke-mahal-an harge sewe hostel..dah tersedie sewe stendard semakin mahal..rm200-rm280..dtg laaa pulak kan pentopap api..haaa mane nak carik hostel yg sewe die x integrated sekali ngn bil api die??mane nak carik hostel die, PREPAID ELECTRICITY??..hanye die UNITEN WHO GENERATES PROFESSIONALS saje okkkkk!!!

aku sbg non-hostelites pnye student..duk luar..makan luar..nak pulak banding2kan RM sum between duk luar n duk dalam..


kalo duk dlm :-

200@280 utk hostel saje..siap2 la beli topap api rm40 utk keamanan sejagat sme2 hosmet..

minyak kete kalo duk dlm, mau laa jugak rm25 seminggu (sang kancil) excluding kuar jln2 aa..


ce kalo duk luar plak :

150 utk sewe umah/bilik….10 sebulan utk api….5 sebulan utk air….22 sebulan utk internet..

45 semggu utk beli rumput kasi sang kancil aku tu makan2 die..

(ni baru sembang aku duk kondo casa vila sg chia..kalo tmpat lain,mesti lagi murah dlm sume aspek =p)


so..205-345 utk kos duk dalam VS 232 kalo duk luar…205 sbb bilik single 280 hostel tu bleh sharing 2 org haramly..

hm….rasenye baik habiskan sen utk dri sendrik dari habiskan sen utk org lain pnye benefits kan?..

tp sebenarnye aku dah kantoi..aku ingtkan lepas sewe hostel naik n topap api tu ade, duk luar lg murah & aku leh poyo2 dlm entry ni..tgk2 sme je..puiiiii!!!!!!

student least the management dare enough to face the student..

skang pon uniten ni makin lame, makin byk ngomel2 itu ini..ubah yg tu..ubah yg ni..sume kasi susah same student..nsb bk laaaa aku tgh final sem haa..da nak abes da ni pon xsmpai sebulan mmg aku xamek pdulik laaa..


nota bulu ketiak : hm, nk lwn management tu, biorlah smartly orait..gunekan akal..jgn gunekan perasaan..

nota celah kangkang : ahh..lwn laa cmne pon xde student nak menang pnye lah..& aku lg xsmpi sebulan je ade kt uniten gilee kot!! pon fakta yg menghairankan jugak ni kan??…kalo tgk2 kt lecturers list, majority sumenye engrg grad overseas..

name pon oversea, mesti bayar tuition fees etc mahal2 kan???..tu baru sembang degree..belum sembang sambung master & phd..

so dah bayaq mahai2, mestilah beranggapan, blk mlesia, mestilah living the dream becoming an engineer..kan??ye lah da mahal2, mestilah keje pon mesti yg ekslusif2 punyeeee..

tapi ni idak, terus jadi kenape haaa deorg cmtu2??xrase rugi duit ke??

so bende yg tersimpul utk aku jdkan kesimpulan, sbb2nye maybe cm gini :

1. eleh engineer, kalo engr biase je, bukan mau pon gaji besar2..keje letih, gaji xbesar..

2. dari aku hadap cmtu, baik aku jadi lecturer ipts..lagi best..keje rilek..gaji rm5k sng2 je..nak kisahkan ape lg?? yg aku rase lah..korang rase cmne pule??knape grads brabes nak ratus2 kilos of RM utk jadi lecturer & bukan masuk ke dlm industry & jadi engr???

Why lah?

nota kaki cekam : hmmm..kenape3!!!..smpai skang jenuh berspekulasi pasal bende ni????