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Where’s your source?..

Posted: 08/04/2012 in Critics

A thing that runs through my thought all the time..

Not to say that i’m double standard or what not,

but if you post some informations that people are not familiar with,

..especially if its religious related;

DO DO DO state where it (the informations) comes from..what are your sources..

DONT JUST post it there & acting like you’re the smart ass in town..

just the infos absent the source/citation, i tend for not to believe it  no matter what..

get the sources..put the them together..& then you can talk stuffs okay..

same like political stuffs..u’re saying this people doing shits..bla bla bla..involving mega RM..bla bla bla..rakyat jadi mangsa..but from where are your resources? see, neutrals like me, we don’t care any of us, people with power will do anything to maintain in power..& those who are not in power will do anything to get into power..besides, can you please name me a clean government to date?please..

so..remember..state your sources..

it is that simple..