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cats doesn't need to practice to be cute as they're ready-made cuties..

1. you’re bad at keeping your promises.. practising not to repeat that shit will never come any good as you are an absolute bloke!

2. you’re so lazy to wake up early & go to work..practising wake up early than the normal time??…naahhh ..sleep is more fun & seductive!

3. you’re practising days & nights to become a guitarist legend…it will be not so (even near to that) if you just not having the needed talent!

4. you’re practising to not to look at hotties (as in girls..amoi..)…hahahaha would that be the greatest loss if you actually achieved it?

5. female practising to become better than male in all aspects..u guys can DREAM ON girls!!HAHAHAHAHA..

lion doesn't need to practice to become a cat as lions are cats!