10,000 ALREADY!!!

Posted: 23/07/2011 in About Me, Hot Stufs!!

Whoaaa…Sharing Is Loving already received 10,000 entry views..excluding those who just viewed through the homepage!!..for a personal blog that not as big as BLOG SERIUS, CHE DET, etc, this is totally cool..

ohohoho..i still remember when i was initiated to make up this blog in 2009 (alert to sum1 lah kann) as with my thoughts about stuffs also are so many..so Sharing Is Loving becomes handy ‘device’ to me lah..

hm up until now, the entries that keep getting viewed are ‘4 Things She Cannot Resist’, ‘badi apee laa yg ade kat whte chicks & big boobs deorg tu?’, ‘Industrial Training (IT) Sony Bangi’, ‘Can stand traffic jam..but cant stand the people in the traffic jam’ & 2 @ 3 others entries..

so..the long term plan is..to make entries that are as attractive as possible lah kan..attractive enough until so many viewers viewing this blog, until any company wanna rent my page space to do their advertisement..hence making me making eaaasy money..just like obefeind..



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