….but ManUtd, no hassle, just bring the CUP & retired player only!! LOL

Posted: 22/07/2011 in Hot Stufs!!

The BPL so-called big-four teams (or perhaps the Lowerpool can be left out already because of their noobness & replaced by City HAHA), was eventually done/ will do their malaysia tour..oh yes MANUTD also came here already in most simple but commanding way..

for arsenal, liverpool and chelsea, tediously, came all the way across the globe with the entire squad..but ManUtd, 2 preseason ago just came here, just bring the BPL cup to the fans plus with a player..retired player, to be precise..

to me that action by manutd is so clever..they dont want to felt left out, but, they just came here..so, they got the champions cup..no matter..just bring up the cup to malaysia!!


no hassleness..no tediousness..just act like a commanding-true-champions & let the lowly subjects do the hard work..ahaha..

but, to view it as a neutral, it would be enormous if ManUtd also came down here..a history will be created where ManUtd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool all preseason-ed in Malaysia..would that be a sight?



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