Posted: 20/07/2011 in Generals, Hot Stufs!!

1. Television/TV..wanna watch ASTRO, it wont be so if got no TV rite?haha..lil’ kid also know lah this one..but lets get more technical about actually TV works?

2. Firstly, of course in Malaysia, we’re using rated voltage of 110~240V..let say if you smuggle the TV  into japan, we still can use the TV but it’ll make the tv operates not as efficient it shoul be & may cause long term bad effect..because japan rated voltage is 100V..+, u’ll not getting any terrestrial signal/channel because the tv tuner is different.

3. As for the TV it self, generally, TV worked by several electrical & electronics boards that situated at the back of the TV..but the 2 most important boards is the Power Board & Main Board..other boards are like the boards to controls the LCD/LED panel..

4. Power Board : Manages power distribution for the whole TV to from 240V supply, the board convert/transform the voltage : power board supplies 3.3V to the main board to operates; Power board supplies 12V regulator for backlight & speaker..

LED TV Power Board aka the muscle

5. Main Board : This is where the CPU of the TV located..the tuner/antenna also located the main board do all the processing job & ‘pass’ away the needed ‘information’ to the speaker, to the LCD/LED boards..& it also receives signals/information from external devices (HDMI, Composite, Component, LAN, USB)

The CPU aka the brain

6. Other Boards : Don’t know about other names, but the boards that works the panel, I usually referring it as the Inverter (only for LCD TV), T-Con, H-Board, Source these three boards actually control the panel operation..this & that..Hex data..bla bla bla..Gate Timing..bla bla bla..CMOS..bla bla bla..until the picture appears properly..HAHAHA..

7. When all of the boards clicking together, the TV will operate as usual..usually, all the problem comes from, when the Power Board is damaged..rarely the damage comes from Main Board..its all depending on how your local powergrid line quality..if ur at india, oh boy form what i’ve heard, powerline at there is so suck until it can damage the power board (but if the tv’s using powerfull BlockCap, then its ok)..

8. In other words, if your TV’s gone damage, most probably because of the defected parts at power board..if u smell a burning smell, the block capacitor are totally damaged..others, must do some engineeric evaluation (LOL) to pin pointing where the damage is..maybe the power IC damaged..or the fuse broken..power MOSFET got shorted..Bridge IC opened..etc..

9. Now, the FAQ is, what’s the difference between LCD & LED TV?..simple..LCD TVs are thicker..LEDs are’s because LCD TV’s using CCFL (fluorecent lamp) backlight, so it’s going to be thick..while LED TV’s using LED as their backlight (LEDs are so small,so,slimmer)..other differences, LCDs arehotter while LEDs are cooler..LCDs power consumption are more than the LED..LCD cheaper then LED..

10. What’s backlight?it is the light that lights up the if the panel emits the colored picture, we wont see it clearly unless the backlight lights up..

11. This is the fact, LED TV picture is not sharper/beautiful-er/brighter than LCD TV..picture wise, both have the same performances.It’s all depending on the CPU performances processing the picture quality (plus other things laa of course).

12. So u decide ur self, wanna buy expensive TV (LED) & save money on the long run @ wanna buy cheaper TV (LCD) & then gonna affecting ur electricity bills dearly..



13. Judging the TV brands are good or not by comparing TVs which having same specs; which is the resolution+motion flow..resolution is the 360p/1080p/WXGA/Full HD thingy..motion flow is the panel picture motion frequency..standard motion flow today is 60Hz..up to this date, all brands got the max motion flow of 800Hz..except for SONY BRAVIA; 940Hz with the help of X-realityPro..imba enough?..all hail SONY BRAVIA!!!

14. what TV brand that recommended to buy? this one is so subjective..but if u’re asking me, i’d buy Samsung Smart TV because of it’s nice external shape, cool Remote Control, & cool menu display

15. but in terms of quality, SONY BRAVIA are the best there other words, if i buy this beautiful Samsung TV, i will hate it…if i buy this dull-looking SONY BRAVIA, i’ll love it..can ah like that?

Possessing BRAVIA HX925 + HotGirl = ahead of the game

in case if got any of my officemates reading this, don’t do any shit talking to me aaahh in office..later i’ll slap you dick head.. :p


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