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between real fan & poser

Posted: 10/05/2011 in Critics

The Godfathers of football, Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Matt Busby

1. a real fan would be supported the team long ago..posers will support a team after the team win championships & just found the beautiful football recently

2. a real fan would known who are the true arch rivals of his team..while posers making such fuss about the current fierce competitors

3. a real fan would known the history of the club because of the pure admiration..poser just knowing about the current team that winning recent trophies

4. a real fan would known when is the next match, whats the scoreline etc..while posers just asking others about his ‘beloved’ team

5. a real fan would support his team even the team is loosing..poser will shut himself down, ranting the team about, n then when the team’s back in winning ways again, there he is barking around..

So evaluate your self as what kind of fan/supporter..

the team that get so many poser fans through out the world


kurang asam punye bas!!! +_+

1. dealing with traffic jams on daily basis..who’s gonna like it right?..but the traffic jam it self is okay by me..the manner of significant count of people that really annoys me in the ways they driving their cars, making me so irritated!!

2. people are rushing going to work..chasing the 8am deadline..but they’re just many dumb-ass folks that taking their filthy time drive so they’re the GM..shit..

3. bangi also got round dont know why still got people so damn late on get into the roundabout from the junction even the gap of opposing cars are just lembab i tell u lah..

4. at traffic light, why taking a long time to move your car when the green light appears after the red?standby your car in 1st gear / D & press the throttle quickly when the light turn green..still got many others on the back of you..

5. & you can guess who are those lembab-people are..they’re majorities of old people & of course young girls..& the worst kind is the old woman..pfftt pfftt..

6. when it will ended..when it will come..when all people driving fast-but-still-safe pace..when people got the confidence needed dealing with roundabouts..when people realizing got others queing behind him/her..i dont think so..

well at least the hotness is making up for you..haha..

nota pubic hair : hmm..sbb kelembapan korang ni laaa aku keje lebih mase!!..nsb bk sume tu berbayor!! go go SONY EMCS!!!