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My premature entries

Posted: 31/03/2011 in Generals

hahaha..biaselah tu..menerbitkan entry dengan berbekalkan limited knowledge about that specific topic..bile lame2, remind2kan balik, hm, mcm & mmg premature..& it feels suck!..haha..

so with this entry i hope that i can some what make a come back from those flops 🙂

1. entry pasal2 RETRO INDIE BANDS..comparing this & that band..mentioned my best retro baru tau 2 3 4 band retro je..puiiii..

2. the entry of RACIAL JOKES ARE ACTUALLY COOL..time tu baru get involve ngn standing comedy, trus nak buat entry psal2 spe yg best..itu ini..pdhal bru tgk russel peters je time tu..yg lain2 tu takat dgr crite je..

3. latest, WHY ENDED UP AS AN LECTURER THAN ENDED UP AS AN ENGINEER?..eventually ade sorang lecturer got sentap & replied panjang lebar 🙂 make sense jugak sbenarnye ngn hujahan die psl2 jd engrg lectrr lagi susah dr jd engr..kne buat journals, buat projek, dealing with students..mybe aku kne dgr hujahan from an engineer plak..reference kene banyak..baru dpt buat cross referecing..then only can conclude a concrete conclusion!

so all those 3 topics, for up to this moment, i got a better insight on each one of it..& better just let it be..nothing’s late GEORGE CARLIN said..“..THE PLANET’S FINE..THE PEOPLE ARE FUCKED…”…you damn right about that granpa!!

dont know how to spell horse's sound.."hiu hiu hiu" maybe?


nota terangsang : kalo ade lg entry yang rase2nye premature tu, bg2taulah orait 🙂 sharing kan loving?