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i tot i was d only one....damn it i tot i was.......(pronounced in indian accent)

Fuuuuuuuu!!!!…how can????..i tot im d only 1 in d world that using SHARING IS LOVING..but just now, googled, and got another fella use the same tag loine…& yessss..that fella is a MALAY..kahkahkah..

pfftt pfftt!

& by the looks of is not active anymore..pity2..u make a blog, make sure it is functioning la malay..

then only can hoping that ur blog is top 300 sites in malaysia..just like blogserius by obefiend..kahkahkah..


nota pankreas : tgh buat FYP ni, lepak dlu apdet blog with a simple entry like dis 1 🙂

nota uterus : & yess..yg typo error ‘loine tu adelah practical, lawak x?