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How to beat ManUtd 2010/2011

Posted: 07/03/2011 in Generals

forever beloved

ineffectiveness of CM in manutd squad has long disturbing me since towards the game that manutd were beaten 0-2 t0 barca..

the 2009/2010 season are just compounding the worry-ness..

this 2010/2011 season, is just the continuation process of that particular manutd managed to stay on top, i also dont know..mybe its because of the team plays and the hard works of manutd CF, WF, SS..& not to forget that other teams flopping around did contributed manutd’s staying top..

so, by this frustration, i think this how to beat manutd for this current season..

1. play a good game

2. defend as a team

3. dominate at the center of the should be easy since manutd’s CM are nothing nowdays

4. the most important part ; stop the WFs from playing their game..shutdown manutd’s WF..neutralize manutd’s wingplays..

if the no 4 can be done, manutd cannot do much..CM??they dont have the much needed creativity..

scholes – is it his time neville?

gibson – just passing the ball around like, even school boys can do that

carrick – more or less like gibson pfftt pfftt

anderson – hardworking kind of CM & can do defence-splitting pass at times but still not the creative kind

fletcher – more or less like anderson albeit the defence-splitting thingy

most of (mybe 90%) manutd goals nowdays sourced from the WF/wingplays rite? mybe gibson supplied the goal several days  before..but basically manutd needing nani, giggs, berbatov, chicharito, rooney to get the goals done..

hm..numerous fans’ voices their thoughts that manutd needing a creative CM in the 10Million-FB-manutd-page..but,of course, like SAF gonna hear our pleads & reply to us “your views are deemly viewed & will get it done shortly” right?hahahaha.. i said..stop manutd’s wingplays & u’re having really good chances of beating them up..

the 2-2 draw of vs wolves@westbrom game..haha forgot edy maaa~

& do put some of your thoughts about this one..perhaps i still didnt see what actually is happening..


nota frustrationness – this is just some fucked-up ugly truth right?..shit..