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T-Minus 2.5 months until my final semester wrapped up for good….only god knows how it feels..

i mean..i still can bare with going to classes during days, learning new theories, sucking up all the maths equations, playing with calculators..but just cant do the night-studying no more..

& i do want to find a job asafp….feels like being a worker is far more fun than being a student(Uniten student to be exact)..

student who needs to study at nights,  doing assignments  at nights,  catching up due dates,  thinking about cgpa,

student who parents’ wealth are not poured to him/her like the others (hence the term ‘sengkek’ takes its place like all the time).. draining i tell you lah..esp to me that really2 getting older & older..

& yes, getting life got careered,   free times will drop out significantly,   got to man up & suck all kinds of pressures..

but when the payslip received(so i can execute my plans like in the ‘Perhaps..perhaps..perhaps’ entry yahoo), all of the setbacks are count for nothing..

plus, no need to study at nights for quizzes, tests, shits like that no more..such a BIG PLUS for me..

so..i can live with giving up my free times in days in exchange of having totally free time at nights..

counting the days..t-minus 2.5 months..

lough out loud shall we?


nota pubic hair : like the 2.5 months are goin’ to be easy huh with alot works to be done?  T__________T


2010 in review :)

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