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When i first heard this movie, my friend said this is a vampire action i got excited lah!!i loike vampiric movies/dramas!!

But then, later somemore of my friends told me that Twilight’s totally love story..that’s why i felt no need to wasting my RM to watch a silly love story at cineplex..

Time goes on..until this movie gets la very large hits around the world..++, all the girls in FB acting so ridiculously fanatical about Edward Cullen..why lah??..yeah, Edward Cullen @ Cedric Diggory..when he’s in Harry Potter The Goblet Of Fire movie, none that adores him so much..but by the time Twilight, he’s gone “the hottest vampire in the world”…hahahahaha..

I wonder what is it about this Twilight movie?? i flirt around asking if anyone got twilight copy so i can watch it myself on my laptop..takes time loh..until i got lucky last month..a friend of mine got that copy & i copied it successfully into my external harddisk..finally i got it after chasing for months!!..felt sooo orgasmic!!!..hahahaha..

It’s not that I’m too eager to watch a love’s just that the VAMPIRE factor that makes me so want to watch it..

After finished watch wonder lah girls gone crazy about edward cullen..because of his face & terriffic acting & scripts..long time ago, it’s about jack dawson/dolson(cant remember the surname) in now got new one..edward cullen in twilight..hahahaha..

But what supprises me alot, the vampires in twilight, are totally one of a kind i told u lah!!! They defying the rules of being a vampires..

  1. Can stand sunlight!! WTH!!…it should be cannot because a vampire will get burnt if exposed to the sun/UV light!!
  2. Dont have any fangs..this another can, a VAMPIRE, a blood sucker, dont have any fangs???
  3. Can enter a human house without the human permission..this one also cannot laaa..vampire can only goes into a house after the host invited him/her..

heheheh..yeah..just 3..even just 3,still,all of it are so debatable..all this while the vampire movies got all the 3 crucial rules..cannot exposed to sunlight..have fangs..cannot enter a house if not invited..But why vampires in Twilight defy all of it? me..vampires in twilight are disgracial to the vampire realm..ahahahaha..

Luckily the writer made the vampire stil got the standard vital attributes(which is still excites me alot) outstanding stength..incredibly fast..pale skinned..& live life by eating human blood..if not..haha..then they are not vampires..maybe ekor labi-labi..

& what is it about the Twilight sequels that made many people(the girls to be exact..) sooo enjoy this film? It is because of the hotness of robert pattinson, the love story, & some fantastic fighting action that are not too over..

the end..

oh yeah & 1 more thing..i thought that only me that like all those vampiric movies..but it is not so until moments ago.i found back my long lost friend Stefanie (gosh how much progress u made hehe), her enthusiasm towards  it is deeper than me man!!!..hahaha..her blog got so many vampire movies/TV shows that we can download..after this, I can DL my favorite TRUE BLOOD freely..++,unrated version..hahaha..perv..

But it is nice to see you again’re as beautiful as ever..can’t wait until our next meetings soon..hehehe..

nota rectum : “vampires in Twilight are disgracial to the vampire realm”..haha..good line..exactly right amount of poyo-ness..

nota uretra : i think that New Moon got more action compared twilight..yes, i do want to watch New Moon at cineplex..hahahahhaa..hail to vampire!!!

nota ovum : Stef’s blog’s link u can find it at my friends list..check it’s cool…


yeah..check this 2 essays ridiculously hilarious..

hahahaah..could it be a real life primary school boy’s essay writings?..or just a world-class practical jokes?? me,it’s damn cool practical jokes..but..not sure..hahaha..

nota bulu roma : sorry it is in malay language..

nota testis : check out My e-Diary tab also’s on top right of this page  🙂

5320 VS 5610

Posted: 23/11/2009 in Generals

those are mine keyy... you can see, the above picture shows to us the nokia handphones..these two phones are in my using simultaneously since aidilfitri so,obviously i can differentiate betwwen these 2 guys..hehe..& what i can say, all of it got their ups and downs here and there..

5320 (left)

  1. to boys (who’s finger langer than the girls generally), its difficult to handle the keypad..because the keypad slightly too a boy’s finger mybe cannot play with it fluently..
  2. the camera’s just 1.2megapixel..nothing to campare with 3.2mpixel of the other one..
  3. it’s speaker..mybe lounder than 5660..but the sharpness, are not that good..
  4. the menu icons & other displays icons..not so attractive..hahaha..
  5. cannot store file in folders format..if you put things inside folder-ly, it’ll still display all the files w/o separation according to the folder that you/ve created..that not cool rite??
  6. that’s for the downs..for the ups..easy to navigate around, just use the cursors to go here n there..easy peasy..big plus point!!
  7. supports PC headphones..


5610 (right)

  1. the speaker produces great sound quality..but still not loud enough..too slow to me..
  2. the radio-music player cursor..the one that can be pushed to left & right, can easily broken..
  3. the number keypad, easily get malfunctioned..
  4. points no 2 & 3 make this phones, when we want to trade in with other phones, the dealers just wants to buy this around rm300 only(i bought this RM1088 kot!!!)..
  5. cannot support microphones..that’s so not cool..
  6. so, for the plus point..this phone got great camera ablity..3.2megapixles..n then the video that recorded using this phone, is so good for a phone..
  7. it’s overall display..quite attractive..

hm..that’s much about these phones..nothing much..because as time increases, my desire to update this blog becomes fader and fader..hehehehe..

but currently..the 5320 is my primary phone right now..the 5610 just for taking pictures & video recording purposes..


nota kaki : kasihan sharing is loving ni aku abaikan..agagagaga..

nota ovari : i will forever more, be a nokia user..never will be sonyE @ else..yessss!!!