Archive for July, 2009’s already began the semester 1 2009/’ve already mentioned that Uniten is thougher than IPTA(not to mention other IPTS excluding MMU & UTP) in terms of study-wise right?does anyone disagree with me?hehehe..

& when the new semester starts..we all the degree engineering students as always..the 1st day of the sem(@ 1st week) is always a busy3 day @ week if we’re not settle dowm all matters during the preregistration subject session on previous sem..

we’ve got to  arrange our own time table schedule(much as same like other IPT rite?) ..choose our own lecturers..sounds like quite simple..but the students are hundreds in numbers,so we’ve got to be hustle & quick about this..if not..hahahaha..u will not get the time table that u have planned before..that’s suck..

as for the tuitiom fees..hahahaha..private university..of course lah not cheap..lets look at my this semester fees..

these are mine...yours are what?expensive x??.. if u want to know how much RM for 1 hour of credit hours for engineering subjects..u just devide 1323 by 3 lah alright..

for my class time table..i tell u lah guys it’s no fun for me..ekekekeekeke..because i did not update my study plan at the beginning of previous i cannot register the subjects on preregistration session last i’ve got to add all of those in this add-drop week,which is also not so good situation..much sound like my own mistake kan?

periodic table..  O_oit’s like full time worker schedule right?

hm..not no no no no no(pronouce like in the zohan muvie okay!!!!)..because i staying outside of campus(at sg chia,kajang)..9 minutes travel..with car..if got traffic jam,surely it’d be more than 15 minutes..n then..the gaps between those classes..ahhh..very hectic..

i just got to bare with this time table for the next 4 months so the most suitable words for my motivation now?? pain,no gain?? sacrifies,no victory??..the concept of girl keeps condom as security is same as keeps gun as security????…hahahahahaha… 

that’s all from me for now..lets wait if got anyone google-ed “uniten degree engineering” & this link popped out..n then the person that google-ed will click at my link..n then my blog ganna be reknown widely in malaysia because of my different perspective writings about uniten..HAHAHAHA..i’m so a wannabee..


nota diafragma : that sg chia is actually sg chua… bored with sg chua’s time to transforms to sg chia!!

nota fallopian tiub : if my class time table would be pact with no suit me best with i’m staying outside..if yes,that’s so orgasmic!!!…