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Hello world!

Posted: 24/02/2009 in Hot Stufs!!



today is 24 feb begins…haha..poyo seh!!

how on earth i have my own blogsite?…ahahahaha..for years i read n gone trough others blog..but until this moment that i have that eagerness to make my own blog..actually i’m not interested at all to have a blog. But thanks to sum1 laa kn, bcause of this very special person and other minimal factors that makes me want to do this thing. So, thanks to you..

but apart from all that, I just want to share with others about anything that i felt it’s suitable to be shared. Haa, shares with others about some general topics…..handy jugak blog2 ni kan??…..sbb ngn kawan2, terhad plak nak sembang2 ngn detail (ewah!!..where’s the english language gone??)

I’ve got so much thing that i want to share with all of u. If i’m free and bored, i’ll update as not-boring as possible. I’m just a rookie in this blog-world. Not like u all…da biase da perihal2 blog ni..include that sum1 la sekali..hehehehe..xpe, orang kn kate, kayuh pelan2, jgn kayuh gelojoh2, kelak ade jugak yang touching sorang2..wakakakakaka..

Harap2 aku ade la time2 free nak buat keje2 mengupdate neh..for i am a student who studies…hahaha..uniten skema!!

so, as for the beginning, this is enough i think..for a while..

wait for my upcoming updates ok..